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Should you trust free SSL certificates?

Risk management in business is everything. In fact it’s the main job of an entrepreneur to manage risks related to the business. One of the tools to manage risk is a binding contract. By means of a binding contract it is possible to hand over some risk to another party in exchange for a fee. Now, the fee is the key element to it. Why should another party be liable for your risk in exchange for nothing? That’s abusive! That’s why only a fee makes a contract binding. But that’s not a sufficient condition. The fee must also be reasonable (so-called “reasonable consideration”). If the fee is not reasonable, the contract is abusive again.

Now, imagine some complex piece of technology, e.g. secure communication. You don’t how it works. You only need an SSL certificate that works. You go to a certification authority, you pay money and get an SSL certificate.

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Distributed caching using Redis

redisAnd so, 2 weeks after I’m about to complete my first project on my own. I’m working on a distributed cache module for Nginx that stores cached content in Redis. Redis is a superfast persistent key-value storage that is easy to integrate and easy to work with.

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The value of qualitative programming

Imagine that complexityyou run an online service company and you do some service for people and your business becomes so big that your departments no longer fit in entire floors of a big building and your budget is so big, that you don’t give a damn of caring about people and raising their salaries, because you can hire someone else of the same level the next day. Well, in fact you don’t give a damn of people’s level at all, because they write throw-away code anyways and they do jobs that can be trained for in no time anyways.

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Bitcoin Magazine: Stop Thinking Bitcoin is Just a New Kind of Currency

I guest-posted on Bitcoin Magazine:bitcoinmagazine

The main idea of the article is that Bitcoin is not simply a new kind of currency, but an innovation that can lead to emergence of a new information space.